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Let your young chef’s cooking adventure begin at
The French Kitchen!

The mission statement of our Kids’ Program is to create a safe and fun environment for young chefs to learn important kitchen skills and techniques under the supervision of a professional chef. We want to get kids and teens excited about new recipes and cooking!

Confused on whether your young chef should be in the kid or teen program?
We have overlapped age 12 between Kids & Teens, because some have a lot of experience in the kitchen while others do not. We recommend they take a KID class, and the chef will notify you if your young chef is able to be in teens.

We have several options to choose from:

IMG_3016 (Copy)

We have 3, 4, and 5 day camps for kids and teens. Some of the camps have friendly competitions to encourage teamwork, following directions, knife and cooking skills, cleanliness, and creativity.
The other camps are cuisine-based and encourage healthy habits, balanced meals, and trying new ingredients!


Little Chefs

We have officially added Little Chefs Classes to the calendar for young chefs of ages 5-8 years old! We will continue to develop classes and add more to the calendar throughout the year. It’s never to early for them to help out in the kitchen.




2 Hands kids2-Hands

We have a wide variety of single-time classes available so that your young chef can try new cuisines, perfect their baking skills, learn how to sauté, make meals from scratch. These are designed and separated in classes for Kids (ages 9-12) and Teens (ages 12-16).

cooking with kids4-Hands

Want to take a class with your young chef? In our 4-Hands classes, you can work side by side and learn to make all kinds of dishes TOGETHER! They are the same as the 2-Hands classes, so you can pick the one that your young chef hasn’t taken and embark on a culinary adventure as a team. Make homemade food to fill your tummies and memories that last a lifetime.

Birthday_PartiesBirthday Parties

Celebrate the birthday chef’s special day by letting us host an exciting and fun cooking class . Your young chef and their friends can cook and bake everything from scratch during the party! Pick between different menus and join us for a one-of-a-kind culinary birthday event!

Get to know the chefs at The French Kitchen- click here!

!!!! Please note that our kitchen processes foods containing wheat, nuts, dairy, shellfish, and meat. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a totally sterile environment as the tools used in each class are the same ones used in all classes. If you have questions and/or concerns about this policy, please email us before signing up for a class. !!!!
All classes are subject to the terms and conditions.

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