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We are moving!
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 Note: ALL classes until May 30th will still be taught in Blandine’s home.B sign (Copy)

By relocating, The French Kitchen will go from an in-home cooking class setting to a 4-in-1 Culinary Center comprised of a Cooking School, a Boutique, a Café and a Bakery! All that in the heart of Colorado Springs. Unlike other cooking schools, we will provide a unique setting in which you can learn to cook and bake, but also eat, shop, and/or party, all in 1 place. We will enable everyone looking for quality French cuisine to taste our food before learning it. Fresh ingredients, French chefs, a high level of customer service and an individualized approach make the perfect recipe to provide you with a truly French culinary experience.


hands-on classes limited to just 6-students

Always leave a class with plenty of food!

French home cooking classes from a busy, French Mom.

 Simple, fast and delicious French cuisine

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