Little Chefs

Little Chefs Cooking Classes

Our goal is to provide your little chef (age 5-8) a safe and fun kitchen to be creative and develop life skills that they can use at home in your kitchen! Stay tuned as we continue to develop more fun classes throughout the year.

Here are the options (see the calendar to book):

Baking #1
Class…2 hours…$59
In Little Chefs-Baking, we will bake savory and sweet treats. Learn to make mini pizzas, chips and homemade salsa, and strawberry shortcakes. They will eat and go home with leftovers!

Cupcake Decor
Class…1 hour…$49
In Cupcake Decor, we will whip up some buttercream and fill piping bags so your little chef can decorate cupcakes baked before the class by the chef. They will decorate 3 funfetti and 3 chocolate cupcakes with buttercream and a variety of sprinkles and toppings. They will eat 1 cupcake and go home with leftovers!

Get to know the chefs at The French Kitchen- click here!

!!!! Please note that our kitchen processes foods containing wheat, nuts, dairy, shellfish, and meat. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a totally sterile environment as the tools used in each class are the same ones used in all classes. If you have questions and/or concerns about this policy, please email us before signing up for a class. !!!!
All classes are subject to the terms and conditions.

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