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France – September 2017

GOLD OPTION: Paris-Lyon: 9/5/17 – 9/16/17 book now
SILVER OPTION: Lyon: 9/10/17 – 9/16/17 book now
BRONZE OPTION: Paris: 9/5/17 – 9/10/17 book now

Please note these are tentative dates.
The Bocuse school will confirm our dates for sure in January 2017.

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Cooking classes at famous French Chef’s cooking schools, markets, wonderful wines, gourmet and awarded restaurants, day trip to a smaller city, French home experience, sightseeing, and most of all, a personalized attention from Blandine, your guide.
Born and raised in Lyon before moving to Paris, Blandine has often created trips in different countries. With her unbelievable organization and creativity skills, she will make you experience the trip of a lifetime. Not only will you discover different parts of France but you will also learn so many new cooking skills at the best French culinary schools and try some of the best French food.


No culinary background is necessary, all levels welcome!
The Bocuse School is a professional school where you will learn professional techniques.

This trip involves walking, taking public transportation and standing for a long period of time during cooking classes.
If you are not a food enthusiast, this trip is not for you!

During free times, Blandine will often offer short options to visit places with her.
Variances may occur in the published itinerary.

Day 1

Luxembourg GardensWe will meet towards the end of the afternoon at a **** hotel, situated in the heart of Paris. This hotel is just minutes away from Notre Dame Cathedral, The Luxembourg or the boulevards of Saint Michel and Saint Germain. As a welcome dinner, we will go to a typical Parisian bistro where you can taste traditional French cuisine.

Day 2

We will spend the morning walking around the streets of Paris to discover touristy and no so touristy places. Enjoy breakfast at a typical café. Yannick Alléno We will have lunch in the Palais Brongniart where Chef Yannick Alléno (awarded three Michelin stars) opened a new restaurant on the theme Parisian terroir. After lunch, enjoy a cruise trip on the Seine River that will show you all of the iconic places. We will then go to the more moderGeorgesn district where we will have an afternoon pastry and drink and enjoy the magnificent view of Paris at an ultra-modern restaurant. The evening will be yours to enjoy on your own.

Day 3

MacaroonsThis will be your first cooking class on pastries, including macaroons… at LeNôtre Cooking School, known for its excellence in French pastry. You will enjoy a light lunch accompanied by your sweet creations in Table Rondea unique and luxurious environment. In the afternoon, you will be free to walk around in the Marais district on your own or with Blandine. We will then meet to visit the oldest market of Paris in this same district. Your evening will be spent in a quite atypical place where the chef will be cooking right in front of you. This live cooking experience has seen increasing popularity in the past years among Parisians.

Day 4

Enjoy a morning on your own. We will meet at the feet of the Eiffel Tower where a private Tour Eiffelelevator will take us to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower at Ducasse’s restaurant Jules Verne. A lunch at 125 m altitude will mark your memories for sure!
You can spend the rest of this day in the Eiffel Tower district. Discover the Trocadero, the Champs de Mars or the École Militaire by walking at your own pace on your own. Spend a Parisian evening on your own, relax or party but be ready for your second cooking class the next day!

Day 5

How about a breakfast in a Palace in the Champs-Élysées district? The rest of the day is for you to enjoy on your own. See what life is in Paris on a Saturday! Walk down The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Visit museums, Montmartre or just shop… Blandine can give you advice on places to check out.Ducasse
In the evening, you will take your second cooking class at Alain Ducasse Cooking School (Ducasse is only one of two chefs to hold 21 Michelin stars throughout his career). Cook a seasonal meal and savor your creations at the end of class!

Day 6

Only LyonWe will take the TGV (high speed train) to Lyon, the capital gastronomy of France. This is where Blandine was born. After checking in at a luxurious and elegant ***** hotel situated in the heart of Lyon, you will enjoy lunch at a Belle Époque style splendid brasserie. Then you will visit the oldest part of the city with the Roman theaters, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière that offers an unbelievable view on the city and a tour in the historical Vieux Lyon. Enjoy an evening on your own and do not forget to rest… The Bocuse program is an intensive one!

Day 7

Bocuse school This day will mark the beginning of your cooking experience at Bocusethe renowned Bocuse School. Paul Bocuse is a French chef based in Lyon who is famous for the high quality of his restaurants and his innovative approaches to cuisine. You will start a whole day of cooking class in which you will learn so many techniques and typical French dishes. In the evening eat at Saisons, the teaching restaurant of the Institut Paul Bocuse, located in the prestigious and elegant setting of the Vivier Castle.

Day 8

We will take a day trip to Annecy, a splendid city in the Alps. You will start the day by strolling Annecy marketthrough the open market of the old town. Enjoy the gorgeous stalls filled with so many local products. This open market is set in pedestrian streets among the different canals of the city. Just amazing! You will shop from the different stalls for lunch in the old Annecy. A guide Raclettewill then take you for a walk through the old city and teach you about architecture and history. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time to shop or take a cruise on the lake if you wish, to contemplate the beauty of the purest lake in Europe and its stunning setting in the heart of the French Alps. For dinner, enjoy a typical “mountain style” menu with a choice of cheese dishes, a specialty from this region.

Day 9

For your second day at Bocuse School, you will work on pastries such Pastriesas croissant or chocolate croissants as well as a variety of breads. Lunch will be served at the student-run brasserie-restaurant of the school. After class, enjoy some time on your own before dressing up! DiAuberge du pont de Collongesnner will be served at Bocuse’s restaurant, l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, a 3-Michelin-star restaurant, and a temple of classical French cooking

Day 10

IMG_4906This will be your last cooking day at Bocuse… You will prepare a buffet of many different appetizers that you can enjoy for lunch. Leave the school with a certificate, numerous delicious recipes and many memories of this incredible experience. Enjoy the rest of the day on your own. Rest, shop, take a walk along one of the two rivers, go to an indoor or outdoor market or visit Lyon, just as you wish. Or if you prefer, Blandine can take you to her parents’ house in a village style suburb of Lyon for tea time.

Day 11

Enjoy a truly unique morning; a foodie famous blogger will open her home kitchen for you to cook with her! She is a specialist of “little bites meals” so she chose to offer you a Tour de OrsiFrance declined in many different bites, presented in an amazing way. Cook in her own kitchen, learn about French habits and enjoy a home-style lunch. In the afternoon, enjoy some time on your own or with Blandine for a little tour.
For our farewell dinner together we will be dining at Blandine’s favorite restaurant, the excellent restaurant of Pierre Orsi in a comfortable and refined bourgeois home in the Lyon tradition.

Day 12

Enjoy your last breakfast at the hotel. Then everyone can decide on the rest of their own trip. Blandine can help you with your departure plans from Lyon (train, plane…).

Painted walls Lyon

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12 people (Gold and Bronze options) / 13 people (Silver option)

Paris-Lyon: 9/5/17 – 9/16/17 book now
Double Room: $7,799 per person
Single Room: $880 supplement per person

SILVER OPTION: Lyon: 9/10/17 – 9/16/17 book now
Double Room: $4,799 per person
Single Room: $480 supplement per person
BRONZE OPTION: Paris: 9/5/17 – 9/10/17 book now
Double Room: $3,699 per person
Single Room: $400 supplement per person

If you wish a roommate, we will try to accommodate your request; however, if a single person requests a double room but we cannot find a roommate, this person will have to pay the additional cost for single room at the time of the final payment.

Please note that:
DAY 1 – DAY 12 are the GOLD trip.
DAY 6 (after breakfast) – DAY 12 are the SILVER trip.
DAY 1 – DAY 6 (after breakfast) are the BRONZE trip.

2% discount for check payments.
30% deposit due at registration. Final payment due 10 weeks prior to the first day of the trip.
Click here for terms and conditions.

Included in the culinary trip:

  • Hotels
  • Meals (except for 1 lunch in Paris, 2 dinners in Paris and 2 dinners in Lyon on your own)
  • Land transportation (flight is not included to give you more flexibility)
  • Hands-on cooking classes (in English)
  • All events, visits and tours listed in the description of the trip
  • Photos taken during the trip (USB flash drive)
  • Your own personal guide Blandine

Bon voyage!

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In over 30 years of international travel, including prior visits to Lyon and Paris , this trip was an exceptional exposure to both the iconic sights in the two cities and learning the art of French cooking. The itinerary was well paced, well planned and executed. The classes included the straight forward approach to traditional French cooking, the subtlety of presentation and bold approach from some of the young chefs. The cafes and restaurants were excellent examples of the application of these arts. These professional chefs, who were our teachers, were fun and easy to learn from. They brought energy, knowledge and passion to the learning that was contagious. The choice of hotels gave us great access to each city both in the shopping around the hotel and in the proximity to the Metro. I learned a lot about combining tastes/textures and thinking about presentation. It has changed the way I think about my cooking style now that I am back in my own kitchen. I am excited to share some of the great ideas as I cook for my family and friends. Cindy, 09/2015

My mother, brother and I took The French Kitchen’s Culinary Tour 2015. It was a great chance to be together and to develop our culinary skills and knowledge of French food and culture. Those who love food, cooking, and dining like royalty would really enjoy the 2016 Tour. Kristin, 09/2015

A trip of a life time: a two week whirlwind of actives all focused on the food and culture of the French. Our host, guide and friend, Blandine, was the absolute perfect person to lead this foodie adventure. Her French upbringing and detailed knowledge of Paris and Lyon (she was born and raised in Lyon) combined with her love of cooking, food, fine dining and travel made the experience for us all the more rewarding. Each day was perfectly organized and planned. We experienced multiple days of intense hands on cooking and training, with some of the finest chefs/instructors France has to offer, preparing and eating our own creations. We dined at Michelin starred restaurants, brasseries and bistros, even the upscale Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. We enjoyed appetizers, fine wines champagnes and artisan cheeses in restaurant cellars, some centuries old, exclusive to our small group. We shopped for and then dined on the food we purchased at French markets and bakeries. We explored many back alleys and grand avenues of Paris and Lyon discovering unique places only Blandine could have found for us. We visited and sampled wonderful wines with winemakers at their small multi-generational family owned wineries in the Beaujolais county side north of Lyon. We enjoyed a delightful French breakfast in Blandine’s childhood home with her father. Just incredible! Were we tired when we got by the end of the trip? You bet! Was it worth it! Let’s just say, a foodie traveler’s dream come true. Jerry 09/2015

A trip of a lifetime! Truly an opportunity to experience Paris and Lyon of less known places and getting the feel of the locals. Bette 09/2015

The French Kitchen’s 2015 culinary tour of France was wonderful. Blandine clearly put a lot of thought and work into this trip, and it showed. I didn’t know exactly what to expect going into the trip, but now, a couple of weeks after returning, I can’t imagine how it could have been any better. Every day brought some new dining or cooking or cultural experience. Thank you, Blandine! Tim 09/2015

This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime. Blandine was so wonderful and on top of everything. I cannot think of one thing that I would of changed or wanted. We saw and did so many wonderful things, the classes were outstanding, the food amazing. Blandine was the best guide you could ever ask for, she made my trip something I will never forget. Karen 09/2015

This was truly a trip of a lifetime. Blandine is the best guide you could ever have . I always knew the schedule and was able to make my own choices on what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to miss anything. This culinary tour changed my life. I learned from all the examples at the cooking classes and restaurants we went to just how to choose and respect the ingredients in a recipe; the special plating of the food; and the joy in making a great meal. Linda 09/2015

Totally amazing trip for any serious home cook or food and wine lover. Teresa 09/2015

If you love french cuisine, a busy schedule every day, and some awesome historical tours you will enjoy the gold version of this trip. Blandine put an incredible amount of planning into the trip, but I think it was really too much all at once. Maybe because my health isn’t perfect? Diane 09/2015


I just stumbled on Blandine’s website while I was looking for cooking classes in Colorado. I live in France (but am from Colorado) and must say that the itinerary she has put together is absolutely fantastic; hands-down the best I’ve ever seen offered. It reflects a respect for real French cooking and food and also brings in some just jaw-dropping experiences that an average American visiting France would not think to look into but yet which are so integral to understanding French cuisine and culture. This itinerary takes an enormous amount of knowledge and work to put together. If you are considering it, do it! You won’t find something like this anywhere else (at least I’ve never seen one so well thought out; I work in a related field). And no, I have no tie in any way with Blandine or her enterprise. I honestly just found this on Google. Mags 2/9/14

As I read the itinerary Blandine prepared for her culinary tour, it kept getting better with each move to a new day of activities. The stars of this culinary dream are astonishing. Opportunities to taste, dine, and have hands-on experiences in Paris and Lyon while seeing some sights will be so enhanced by Blandine being there as our personal guide. She is fluent if we are not, and she is a native to steer us through cultural differences. Her brother lives in Paris where he works in the sales industry and has constant entertaining duties has given her up to the minute information about restaurants in the City of Lights. She has then applied her rigor to ensuring that the sites fit her overall culinary plan for us. Blandine’s superior organizational abilities have everything arranged. The tour is an excellent value as well. Consider that a week at the Paul Bocuse Cooking School alone would cost $5,500 not including lodging or room and board. Blandine is providing much much more…in a few words, the trip of a lifetime with a kind, organized, calm, and experienced French Culinary Professor. Kristin 11/18/13

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