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  1. The French Kitchen Post author

    I just updated the Boutique page to make it more convenient for you. Check it out!

  2. Tricia White

    I attended the Bread class last night and now cannot get bread off of my mind. The baguettes were so delicious. I love the fact the ingredients Blandine uses are perfect for our clean eating my husband and I are achieving.
    I am curious once I have prepared the baguettes or rolls how long they can sit out ready for the oven? I found by the time I put two steam pans in my oven there is really only room for one pan. Also how long can the rolls or baguettes once made be kept in a sealed bag on a counter at room temperature or do they have to be frozen immediately. Thanks and looking forward to the second bread class with the jam.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Tricia,
      I am so glad you are enjoying those baguettes. I just sent you an email with all of your questions answered.

  3. Megan

    Hi Blandine,
    Paul and I just tried the pulman loaf from our class on Tuesday, lightly toasted in a pan with butter & country gravy on top…and we just wanted to pass on, that it was fabulous!
    We love the bread, and are very happy that we got the loaf pan for it.
    My questions are, can the pulman loaf recipe be adapted for pizza dough? If so, what would need to be changed?
    I loved the taste of the bread and thought it would make a great tasting pizza dough.
    I was just looking at your Italian class online, and I can’t figure out if we make pizza dough or not?
    Thanks in advance!
    And I hope you have a fabulous 4th!

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      I am so glad you like this bread. There are so many things you can do like croutons or French toasts…
      This sandwich bread will not work for a pizza dough but I will teach you how to make a great pizza dough in the Italian class.

  4. Penelope Allen

    We made so much food today! All delicious.. And here we have a picture of very ambidextrous stirring .. Two pots and three utensils stirring !

  5. Kathleen winder

    Really enjoy Blandine’s classes. They are informative, fun and delicious. Her organizational skills, delicious recipes, fresh ingredients and small groups keep me coming back. Thank you Blandine for all of your hard work.

  6. Marilyn Pattison

    If you love to cook and learn how to cook wonderful bread, soup and desserts The French Kitchen is for you. Take just one class and you will become a regular. Blandine is a very hard worker. she is full of energy but patient with all the students. Treat yourself to a Fix and Feast class. The food you will make is delicious.

  7. Penelope Allen

    i was so surprised at the variety of crepes and love the flavor the buckwheat flour gives these savory crepes. Delicious!

  8. Laurence

    My kids are demanding!! They want it right away! Not bad, right?! Thank you Blandine. We have fun during class and the recipes are delicious.

  9. Jennifer

    Hi Blandine!
    It’s 9:30 am and I have fresh baguettes to take to my holiday luncheon at 11am!
    Thank you… You are simply the best!

  10. pam stringer

    I am a total bread convert – love the baguettes which I make weekly it is the only bread I use such a valuable class and so fulfilling!!

  11. Kristen

    Hiya Blandine,
    Thank you so much for another wonderful class. I’m so happy to have several quiche meals in my refrigerator!
    It was a very fun group today. I think you bring out the best in people. Thank you so much!

  12. Penelope Allen

    So many fantastic new and different salads! I ll never have to bring the same old boring salads to potluck again.. one of my favorite classes for sure!

  13. Sandy Legere

    Took Blandine’s bread 1 class today. Wonderful time, wonderful instructions. Great breads. The sampling of the jams and soup made me sign up for the soup 1 class in Sept. Best cooking class I’ve ever taken.

    Your website is very easy to use and see/select classes to signup for. Excellent investment in time. Looking forward to the next class.

  14. Penelope Allen

    The strawberry cake turned out so beautiful… Loved all the techniques we learned in this class! And even my husband who isn’t too fond of strawberries was impressed with the taste , A truly decadent dessert!

  15. Frank

    Enjoyed your strawberry cake class yesterday, although my rudimentary cooking skills were certainly challenged. In any case, I did learn a lot and the cake turned out great. It was a big success at our party last night. Thanks, Frank

  16. Mary

    I’ve been meaning to write since the wonderful bread class on the 7th. I wish to express huge “Mercis” for what I think is the most favorite class of my life. Every moment of the hour (and car transport) was high quality, fabulously organized and efficient, to give us the best instruction how to make delicious baguettes.
    I have tried one time at home and interestingly, it came out exactly like the bring home dough did. The bread cooked in your home had a slightly better flavor, and I wonder if it could be one or both of two things?: convection oven and/or baguette pans. Or, maybe a third, altitude? We are a couple of thousand feet higher here. The only thing I can alter would be the bread pan.
    What do you think?
    Thank you so much again,

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Mary, I hope the tips I gave you over the phone will fix that little difference.

  17. Becky

    Hi Blandine,
    We thoroughly enjoyed the evening at your home tonight! We loved the food, and Mike and I talked the whole way home about how much we learned from you. You have a wonderful style for instructing us, as well as an obvious talent for delicious food 🙂
    Thank you very much for offering the babysitting option. Our kids loved being there and are already begging to go back. 🙂 Hannah seemed like a very nice person and we truly appreciate her flexibility to be there with the kids. They loved your basement and all of the fun toys!! Thank you so much for opening your home to them.
    We will be sharing our experience at your class with several of our friends, and we look forward to going back for more classes sometime soon. Thank you for providing the opportunity for a unique and wonderful evening!
    Best wishes,
    Becky and Mike Chapman

  18. Penelope Allen

    The Brioche was fabulous , and so were all the other breads in breads II A really great class.

  19. Lynn Post author

    Your Bread Class was excellent. Here is what I did with the dough. Hope to see you again in another class. Lynn

  20. Olga

    New look of Opera cake with rose water and milk chocolate ganashe. It’s amazing how many variations of this cake it’s possible to make! Also i’m in love with this buttercream, which behaves very nice when we are mixing it with liquid like coffee or rose water. Structure stays very smooth and keeps shape much longer without refrigerator then other buttercreams, which i’ve made before. Perfect for decorating!

  21. Olga

    Hi Blandine,
    After “French touch” class my big desire was to remake eclairs because this kind of dough gives so many chances of making variety desserts and appetizers. This is what I’ve got)))) Of course I’ve changed temperature mode and add one egg. Rest was the same as in class

  22. Stephanie

    Dear Blandine,
    All the kids ate tonight when I came home, but had to try the food I made today in class too. I made a taste plate for each one and the adults too. I thought the kids were picky but they loved it and wanted seconds! I was shocked and so pleased. Just thought you should know how you are even changing the lives of little ones. Thanks again! Stephanie

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      I love to hear that about the Italian class, especially since we use lots of spices in that class. It makes me happy when kids appreciate foods they are not used to eat.

  23. Lacy

    Blandine the share a meal 2 last night was AMAZING! The food was so tasty and easy to recreate at home. The extra wine and cheese made the evening a delight!
    What a perfect evening. Thank you !

  24. Paulette Nguyen

    Thanks Blandine for another amazing class last night. The breads and jams I brought home are getting gobbled up by my family!

    Question on organizing a family/friend jam making day:

    1. How many helpers to invite?
    2. Do you double, triple the pectin recipe?
    3. Do you double, triple the jam recipe?
    4. How do I know how many jars to purchase?


    1. wptfkcc Post author

      I am glad! I love this new class!!!

      1. It depends on how many burners you want to use. For 3 burners, 4 people, for 2 burners, 3… this way you can always keep 1 stirrer.
      2. Pectin is for about 5 batches (1 batch is 1000 g of fruits). I would not double but make several batches, depending on the number of batches of jams you want to do.
      3. I WOULD NOT. It makes it a lot harder to double.
      4. Each batch of 1000 g of fruits will give you about 5-6 8 oz jars, so again, buy the jars depending on the number of batches you will do. I always buy extra ones in case one get messed up or a lid falls on the floor, or I get more jam than the usual amount… I would say always have 1 8oz or better 2 4oz extra jars per batch.

      I hope that helps. What a neat idea to make jams as a family day!

      1. Paulette Nguyen

        Thanks for the tips!
        Can you add me to your list for splitting the frozen fruits with someone? I’m interested in making a few of the jams so whatever fruit I can split with another person, that would be great.

  25. YP

    I’ve just signed up for the Bread & Jam class. I appreciate that your web-site is so easy to use (and how popular your classes are such that the open spot was picked up so quickly).
    Looking forward to cooking with you soon. YP

  26. Olga

    Hi Blandine! It was amazing experience to cook Christmas logs in your class! For our New Year i’ve made citrus log according to your champagne-strawberry one. White chocolate icing works very good, actually i haven’t changed proportions of chocolate and oil in it because with less amount of oil it was too thick, so it was impossible to cover the cake. All people who tried it liked it))) Thank you so much! Happy New Year!

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      OH WOW!!!!!!! I am amazed Olga! What a gorgeous log! What a pro picture! I am so glad you tweaked the recipe, I love when people experiment around my recipes. That’s the beauty of the yule log class… so many techniques, so many ways to do other things than the 2 logs learned in class. Please keep posting your new creations and Happy New Year!

  27. Kim


    Our family went on a cruise over Christmas and they were serving sweet crepes at the buffet. The lady who was making them was using the round dowel-type spreader, not the ones we use in class and that you sell. My husband got one (or two) and I tried a bite. The crepe, by itself, didn’t have much flavor and it wasn’t as thin as the ones that you teach us how to make in class. I just wanted to let you know that your crepes are better than the ones on the cruise ship. And thanks to your class, I am able to make better crepes than the ones on a cruise ship too.

  28. Deb

    Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful class with you. My daughter and I enjoyed our time and learning that we can make awesome bread for the family dinner. Everyone was so impressed with our rolls and baguettes. Thank you so much. Deb

  29. Kristin McAllister

    Just wanted to put another plug in for the Culinary Trip this next September! I have signed up with my mom and brother, all set to learn a ton and have great fun. I have traveled in France on my own a couple times and enjoy the country so much. It will be great to have Blandine at the helm, taking care of all the details and as a personal resource for all things French during the trip. I”m so excited I can hardly stand it. It is definitely an investment of time and money, but there’s no one I’d rather bank my bet on for a great time full of exquisite cuisine and the ability to recreate it once we’re back. What better way to make lasting memories?!

  30. Vicki Patterson

    I very much enjoyed your baguette class! I was wondering where I could get the bowls with the green handles (we took your mixed dough out of them). I liked the size and ease of these bowls.
    THank you,
    Vicki Patterson

  31. Eileen

    Blandine – Merci! for a wonderful bread making experience/class. I enjoyed the class very much, and the batch of dinner rolls I made at home were perfect!

  32. Debra

    Blandine – I know you get a great deal of emails, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class and hospitality. What a fun and informative day–I am anxious to practice my “technique” here at home.
    Hope to see you another class soon! Debra

  33. Melissa Muñoz

    I never thought baking baguettes could be a joyful hobby for me! While not perfect, I am still practicing but having a blast doing so! Thanks to Blandine, I am no longer intimidated by baguettes:).

  34. Kristen

    I took the Soups class this week and had to run home to make a batch of baguettes. I should have thought of that earlier–I’m just not as organized as Blandine!
    Thank you Angela, Anita, Diane, Jill, Penelope, and of course, Blandine for making it such a fun time, as well as working so hard to have such delicious soups to take home! (The carrot is still my favorite.)
    What I really love about taking the French Kitchen cooking classes, and this one in particular, is that they always inspire me to eat more cleanly and simply–allowing the flavors to stand on their own. My family and I appreciate it! Thank you!
    Can’t wait for the next class!

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Low calories delicious soups… I agree with you! These soups are my daily lunch in the fall and winter.

  35. Paulette

    Hi Blandine,
    I just took the soup class last week and it was amazing! Can’t wait to start making and freezing some soups for the winter.
    A few questions:
    1. Which hand held soup mixer do you recommend?
    2. Can I freeze the Gruyere cheese, once I shred and divide in plastic bags?
    3. What cream do you recommend for the carrot soup?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      1. I use a Kitchenaid, the most powerful one you can find.
      2. Of course, that’s what I do! So it’s very practical.
      3. Meadow Gold heavy whipping cream.

  36. Cindy

    I have tried the chocolate syrup in coffee and it is really good.
    Also wanted to share that I have been making the French bread (baguettes) but my daughter loves the rolls with chocolate chips inside. That takes more work so I tried to just open the bread down the middle with a sharp knife, put in chocolate chips, and then pull the dough back over the chocolate chips….it is faster and makes a nice tunnel of chocolate. Then I also experimented with cream cheese down the middle and then added jam and cream cheese down the middle. They all worked out and taste great. It is fun to try new options, especially as a side to soup (with bacon or ham or cheese). Still playing with the possibilities.

  37. Stephanie

    I sent my husband the latest newsletter. Now he says why am I not taking the soup & chocolate desert class? He also wants to take over my schedule because I need more classes scheduled. Too funny!
    Have a good night

  38. Kimmi

    Hi Blandine, just wanted to let you know I have now made 4 Brittany cakes since our jam class. Everyone loves it and keeps requesting me to make more! I just love the crust of the cake and how easy it is to make! Kimmi

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      I am so glad this cake is gaining popularity! I do love it as well and do love the fact it takes a few minutes and just basic ingredients to prepare. And of course, with homemade jam… it tastes even better!!! Blandine.

  39. JoLee

    My guests, Rianne and Kathy, and myself are looking forward to your Party! Thank You so much for creating and cooking for such a Special occasion!

  40. Carol Donahue


    Thank you (again) for the wonderful instruction! I will be making jam, bread, soups, and sweets for a very long time to come! I always feel very comfortable in your kitchen, the learning is both delicious and informative! My sons gave me (and you) the biggest compliments ever on bread, soups and jams! My friends think I am a “chef” when I invite them over and serve my latest recipes that I have learned! My family looks forward to my classes just as much as I do! Oh, and thank you for the freezing and baking tips on bread, my 5 year old son now goes to the freezer and takes out “his” bread puts it into the toaster oven, and then has to make the decision whether to put butter or jam on his bread in the morning! My family wanted me to open 13 jars of jam so that they could taste each one! I’m making them wait! I’m attaching a picture of my latest bread that I wouldn’t have created without you!

    Looking forward to learning some more recipes! I love being able to go to classes with my friends and family, cooking together is the best time to spend together!


    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Cheese, rosemary and sesame seeds it seems… Yummy! I see you are experimenting! Blandine.

  41. Martha Mitchell

    It’s been a fun (and yummilicious!) week following my Crepes class! I have eaten Crepes 4 times for dinner and 3 times for lunch in the past week after getting my lovely new crepe maker and set! I’ve made the leek sauce and mushrooms from the class. But making two batches of caramel definitely put me in the mood for Fall weather! Time to break out my soup recipes!!!! Can’t wait for the jams class….my second one purely by choice!

    1. Martha Mitchell

      And I forgot to mention I even packed Crepes for my guy on his hike up a 14ner this week! Haha

      1. wptfkcc Post author

        Crêpes on the summit! I think that’s a first!!! So much better than a cereal bar! You’re the best! Blandine.

  42. Christine

    Your courses look fabulous…and I appreciate your energy and integrity in including all the steps of the recipes and techniques to your students so they can reproduce the dish at home. That, to me, is the most ethical and modern way to proceed…as opposed to earlier generations who felt they had ” secret ” recipes, giving them a sense of “specialness”. I think we get us sense of “specialness” in other ways these days, and I give you credit for your sense of honesty and integrity. Most sincerely, Christine

  43. Paulette Nguyen

    Hi Blandine,
    I have a question on the chocolate mousse. I know you suggest using 52.3%, but if I want the mousse to be lighter and not so sweet, is there another chocolate you can suggest? I plan on making this for the family coming into town and they aren’t used to eating a lot of sweets. Just thought I’d ask.
    The chocolate dessert class was AMAZING! Can’t wait to make the Lava Cake!
    Thank you

  44. Amanda

    Hi Blandine,
    I took your tarts class last winter and just made my own for the first time. They weren’t perfect but came out better than I expected! It was easy and not at all intimidating. I took them to a party, and when everyone asked for the recipe, I have them your information.
    Thanks for turning me into a baker,

  45. Cindy

    good morning!! I just wanted to give you some feedback….

    I made the fruit cocktail recipe for a little gathering I had for a friend who is moving. Every one loved it. but. the friend who is going away, asked me if I would make her a shaker full before I left to go home so she could continue “unwinding” after we all left! 🙂 wow!
    now… that’s not the most incredible note….my HUSBAND. who has NEVER asked me to make any thing for him special. food. drink. never. HE asked me last night if I wouldn’t mind making him another drink or two to enjoy. 🙂 double wow!! I’m very pleased with everything I have experienced from your classes. Thank you thank you thank you! Excellent!!

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Thanks so much Cindy! This cocktail was made for me by a friend a couple years ago on New Year’s Eve because I do not drink alcohol. I was so amazed at the result at that time and truly enjoyed his gesture!

    2. Cindy

      Just a quick cute story…. My daughters took me to my favorite restaurant for my Birthday. I ordered the usual…..escargot! and the spring salad, which is a beet salad. It was delicious as always! My youngest daughter who is 18 tried my beet salad as it is our custom to sample each others plates, heeheehee. After tasting it she said to me, “its good….but I like yours better.” “really?” I replied as a smile slowly crept on my face like the Grinch hatching a plan to steal Christmas. Hahaha! The joy of French cooking success! Thank you again for your wonderful classes!!

  46. Cindy

    Hello Blandine! Just wanted to let you know, I took the salads we made yesterday to work for a pot luck today. The Asian salad was nearly gone, the taboule second, and the rice salad came in third. 🙂 Its funny to me because the rice salad is my favorite of the three and the Asian is my least favorite although still good. I will know for future events to make the Asian salad since it seems to be the clear favorite with people. have a good afternoon. I will be in next I think on June 20 and 21. have a good evening!

  47. Lana

    Blandine, a Huge Thank You for a fantastic Jam Class today. It was wonderful and I feel things went very well. I am so proud of the jars of Jam I brought home. It was a very informative and relaxing class. Lunch was super and I am so glad you joined us at the table. Look forward to seeing you next Saturday. Lana

  48. Kim

    I was making dinner for my family a few days ago and I needed bread crumbs. I got some from my pantry and they had all gone bad, even the unopened box with an expiration day several months in the future smelled rancid, so I threw them all away. I didn’t have time to run to the store to buy more, then I remembered that we made bread crumbs in the French Touch class. I didn’t have any homemade bread, but I did have some really good bread from Great Harvest. So I cut a few slices, toasted them and made them into bread crumbs. Dinner was saved!

    Thanks for teaching me how to make, from scratch, some things that I would just normally get from the store. The bread crumbs were so easy to make. Why hadn’t I ever made my own before? They were better than anything I could have gotten at the store, and they made my finished dish better than it would have been otherwise.

  49. Violet

    Bonjour Blandine, Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun filled learning experience! Sarah and I both loved the class. As I said last night, I attempted to make French bread once before and it was a disaster. I am confident that my family is going to enjoy fresh baguettes for years to come. We look forward to our soup class in October; and, who knows, maybe another class before then.
    You are a very good teacher!
    Violet and Sarah

  50. Jacquie

    Hi Blandine! Thanks so much for the class (French Touch) and making it so enjoyable. It was all very delicious. (especially the bread! ). I am Looking forward to the next class.
    Have a good weekend.
    Cheers! Jacquie

  51. Beth Davidson Post author

    I’m very frustrated. I’ve been checking your calendar for classes to take and everything I’m interested in is filled up. I work so a late class or Saturday is all that works and those classes are few or filled. Will you be adding more in the evenings? Just checking. Thanks.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Beth,
      I am sorry you are frustrated. The evening and Saturday classes are always the ones that fill up the fastest so it is always a good idea to book in advance. At that point, what you see on the calendar is what is available. I only teach evening classes on Tuesdays and Fridays and only do Saturday morning classes in order to preserve my family life.
      Please tell me exactly which classes you would like. I will see if it is possible for me to add more.
      You also have another option. I have a “Grab it!” list. If you sign up for the classes you are interested in and a last minute spot opens up, you can get in a class earlier.
      Let me know if you have more questions.

  52. Gail Trask

    Good morning Blandine,

    I hope you felt the applause and bravos last night as the dinner group’s taste buds exploded with bites of your Royal cake .

    I would like to take advantage of your sale and buy a tart pan and a Royal Cake kit. Can I stop buy Monday to pick it up and give you a check?

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Gail,
      Wow! Thanks.
      Can you stop by between 11 and 1 on Monday? I will set that aside for you. Blandine.

  53. Rosalie Post author

    Visited France and Spain last 0ctober and took a cooking class in Barcelona then flew to Paris. Amazing, tasteful dishes! Loved seeing your van this week in town! I’ll be in touch! Merci!

  54. Patricia

    Hi Blandine,

    Thank you so much for the Bread class! I never thought I could make such good bread! The baguettes I baked at home right after the class just look and taste like the ones I used to buy at my favorite bakery in Lezardrieux, France. I look forward to taking this class again with my daughter!
    Thanks also for making your classes so enjoyable! Definitely a great experience!


  55. Bernadette Barnaud Post author

    Hi, I am interested in your crepe cooking class!! When do you hold them? I have spring break this coming week and was wondering if you do it during any of those days?

    Thank you!

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Bernadette, you can check the calendar here: to see when the crepes classes are held. There will be no classes during spring break but there are some scheduled during the summer break. I hope you can find a date that will work for you. Blandine.

  56. Marla Brown


    I so enjoyed the bread baking class last night! Thank you! I am online looking at your syrups. Is the Feb. 28th deal for 2014 or 2015? Also, do you have a list of the different flavors?

    Thanks again,


    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Marla,
      It was 2014 but since I forgot to put a year, I will still honor that deal! The boutique is being updated at the moment so the list is not there yet. Here are the flavors I do have at the moment:
      cherry, mixed berries, French vanilla, hazelnut, pear, pomegranate, raspberry, blackberry, blood orange, cranberry, green mint, lemon, lime, blackcurrant and strawberry.
      Let me know which ones you want! Thanks, Blandine.

  57. Paulette Nguyen Post author

    Hi Blandine,
    I just made my first bread batch on my own after taking the bread class on Tuesday. I have a question: I weighted 70 g of milk and 350 g of water into a large glass container, then I put it in the microwave to warm up. However, once I poured the water/milk into the flour mixture, I did not have a total of 420 liquid, as I assume some of it evaporated in the microwave. So how should I increase this before putting them in the microwave? Should I increase these by 10%, so 77 g of milk and 385 of water?
    Thanks so much!

  58. Paulette Nguyen

    The bread class was wonderful, thank you!
    Just wondering if I can add fresh sliced garlic to the dough and when can I add them in?
    Thank you,

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Thanks Paulette! I would probably bake the baguette as normal. Then, once cooked, slice it, add your garlic or whatever flavor you want, wrap it in foil and then bake it a bit more to have the garlic / herbs… infuse gently. I hope that helps! Blandine.

  59. Chris

    John and I really enjoyed your bread making class last week. The following night we made one set of baguettes and the other rolls with kalamata olives for me and pepperoni for him. We toasted sesame seeds and also grated parmesan cheese for the toppings. All turned out delicious and my book club enjoyed two of the baguettes the next night.

    Thanks again and we look forward to more classes with you.

    Chris and John

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Sounds delicious. I am glad you are trying new fillings! Possibilities are endless. Blandine

  60. Trisha Tarleton

    HI, first let me say I am so excited to find you! I purchases the deal of the day through the gazette back in october for your yummy bread making class. I bought one as a gift for my friend as well. We were looking at the calendar to schedule a class and saw they were all full. We are happy for you that this has become successful but sad because it looks as though we can not get into a class by the time our deal expires. Will you be adding more classes to accommodate this or will you extend the expiration date? We are willing to book ASAP in order to get our class in.
    Thanks for your understanding,

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Trisha,
      Thank you for purchasing this deal. That was a very popular deal! Your deal expires 04/02/14. You do not have to take a class BEFORE the expiration date but you have to BOOK one before 04/02/14, even if the class is after that date. At this point, we are not adding more classes to the calendar but if you wish to be on our waiting list for cancellations, please let us know. If we do add new bread classes, you will be notified via our newsletter so I would recommend signing up to receive it directly on our website. That is the best way to be updated on changes and get offers. Let me know if you have more questions. Blandine

  61. Mags Post author

    I just stumbled on Blandine’s website while I was looking for cooking classes in Colorado. I live in France (but am from Colorado) and must say that the itinerary she has put together is absolutely fantastic; hands-down the best I’ve ever seen offered. It reflects a respect for real French cooking and food and also brings in some just jaw-dropping experiences that an average American visiting France would not think to look into but yet which are so integral to understanding French cuisine and culture. This itinerary takes an enormous amount of knowledge and work to put together. If you are considering it, do it! You won’t find something like this anywhere else (at least I’ve never seen one so well thought out; I work in a related field). And no, I have no tie in any way with Blandine or her enterprise. I honestly just found this on Google.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Thank you for your kind comments. I do love to organize trips and cannot wait to do this one for the first time! Which city do you live in? I might say bonjour while traveling! Blandine

      1. Mags

        I live in the Gers but previously lived on the Côte d’Azur. The Gers isn’t exactly a destination for most people visiting France, but I love it here. Thankfully I love to eat duck 🙂 If you are ever here in the SW, do get in touch.

  62. Nora Gledich Post author

    Hello – I took the bread class several weeks ago, Wonderful class and even more wonderful bread. My husband and I just now finished all the bread that I made from the class. I love knowing how to freeze it and we love how it tastes.

    I need to purchase the bread package so I can make more. Can you let me know how to make the purchase, check or cash?, and how to pick it up?. I live very close to our pick up spot for your classes and it would be very easy for me to make a pick up at the parking lot. However, I will await your reply and look forwrd to making more bread.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Nora, I am glad your husband liked the baguettes! We can definitely meet at the parking lot before a class so I can bring your bread package. I accept cc, check or cash but do prefer a check if we meet there. Do not forget to tell me what color of scale you want! Thanks, Blandine.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Cathy, high altitude is always incorporated in classes as a lot of the recipes taught are modified. I have no plan in a near future for a class like that but keep in mind the choc chips cookies are taught in the quick sweet treats class. Thanks for the idea!

  63. Cheryl Snider

    Loved the soups class! Now is the time to use those recipes:) Please keep me on your email list!
    Thanks and Happy New Year,

  64. Tanya Grizzell

    Hello Blandine,
    My coworkers and I took the Christmas Yule Log class this past weekend and had a blast. Blandine is an expert and the class was very professional, fast-paced and fun. The little meal the chef made at the end was a great personal touch and delicious. A few relatives were in town and we all ate the logs yesterday and they were very impressed. Thanks for offering a class like this around the holidays. It was a lot of fun. We plan on taking the bread class next. I look forward to it!”
    Thanks again- and Merry Christmas. – Tanya

  65. Kristin McAllister Post author

    As I read the itinerary Blandine prepared for her culinary tour, it kept getting better with each move to a new day of activities. The stars of this culinary dream are astonishing. Opportunities to taste, dine, and have hands-on experiences in Paris and Lyon while seeing some sights will be so enhanced by Blandine being there as our personal guide. She is fluent if we are not, and she is a native to steer us through cultural differences. Her brother lives in Paris where he works in the sales industry and has constant entertaining duties has given her up to the minute information about restaurants in the City of Lights. She has then applied her rigor to ensuring that the sites fit her overall culinary plan for us. Blandine’s superior organizational abilities have everything arranged. The tour is an excellent value as well. Consider that a week at the Paul Bocuse Cooking School alone would cost $5,500 not including lodging or room and board. Blandine is providing much much more…in a few words, the trip of a lifetime with a kind, organized, calm, and experienced French Culinary Professor.

    1. wptfkcc Post author

      Hi Kristin, I am really sorry the May 2014 trip did not happen. Hopefully the September 2015 will work for you. You can now check the updated version of that trip. Hoping to travel with you soon! Blandine.

  66. Gail

    Wow! A lot of time and effort went into making this great new website.
    It is filled with tons of information.
    Nice job!

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