Monthly Archives: April 2018

Fix & Feast 5 This Saturday!

Join us on Saturday for Fix & Feast 5 for a delicious 4 course meal. 1.5 hours of cooking and 1.5 hours of eating and drinking wine!

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Learn how to make crusty hot goat cheese, salmon and its beurre blanc sauce, leek-prosciutto pasta and its green purée and an apple brunoise topped with a Calvados whipped cream, nougatine & French toast served with coffee.

Taste of Asia Series Changes

Chef Anne is teaching a wonderful series of classes that highlights authentic and delicious food from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Even though it was originally a 4 class series over 1 weekend, we have decided to break it up into 4 different classes. You can find them on the calendar as “Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese”. Sign up to reserve your spot today and broaden your cooking horizons with these AMAZING classes.

Did you know that every Saturday we have happy hour from 2-3 pm?! You can come in and get anything in the pastry cases and baguette wall for 30% off. WOW!!! That’s my kind of happy!