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Spring Break Camps!

Spring Break Camp Overview

This past week we had Kid and Teen “Taste the World” camps! The first four days they cooked meals from four different countries- Mexico, France, India, and China. The last day they paired up into teams and developed their own 2-3 course meal. I love seeing all of their reactions to new ingredients and flavors. (tomatillos– whaattt??) The last day is also so exciting because their imaginations run wild and they love to be independent in the kitchen. My favorites were the chicken curry enchiladas and chicken curry pot pies. I cannot wait to have more camps over the summer. Nothing makes me happier than getting a hug or a high five from a camper telling me that they had so much fun. Summers at The French Kitchen are filled with kid classes and camps- go to our calendar to check it out!

Here are some pictures from this past week:


Sweet Crêpes to Order this Saturday!

Come get Sweet Crêpes to order this Saturday, March 31st from 1-3 pm. Come in for a delicious afternoon treat made to order by Chef Blandine. She puts a lot of French love into the crêpes along with nutella, butter, sugar, caramel, chocolate sauce, and more!


National Baguette Day

Did you know that March 21st is National Baguette Day?

We will be having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Special! You can even order ahead online HERE to guarantee your baguettes in case we sell out. For National Croissant Day, we sold out of almost everything so don’t wait too long to order. Hope to see you then!

2018-02-14TFKCC(35of80)Here’s some information about our flour that we use in all our breads and pastries:

We use a premium European-style flour in ALL of our baking and cooking. It is unbleached and unbromated (the less chemical processes the better!). Did you know our gluten sensitive clients are able to eat anything we make*? Croissants, breads, cakes…
Maybe you’ve heard the story “I went to Europe and was able to eat everything! But when I come back to the US, I can’t have any gluten.” Well, no need to go to Europe! Just come to The French Kitchen!
We also sell our amazing flour for your home use. Spread the word!
*Please note this is based on customers’ feedback. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our statement will apply to anyone with a gluten sensitivity. Our flour is NOT gluten-free.

Here are some sources about unbleached and unbromated flour (Please note we do not use Bob’s Red Mill even though it is a great article):

What is it? Wednesday: Bromated and Bleached Flour

Bleached vs Unbleached Flour


Cadet Classes

We are so happy to be partnering with the Air Force Academy to teach the graduating class some cooking/life skills. Twice a month, we have been customizing night classes for the cadets. Each group is so polite, respectful, and a lot of fun to cook with! Here are some pictures from the past classes:

Team Building in Mesa, AZ

Team Building in Mesa, AZ


This past weekend, we spent the weekend in Mesa, AZ visiting our favorite business advisor and past client- Cindy. Blandine, Sebastien, and I flew out on Saturday night after a day full of classes and baking. This is our first trip together with just the 3 of us so it was great to get to know each other better and have some good laughs. On Sunday, we surprised Cindy and her husband, Bill and then went to a long brunch. We spent the day beer and wine “tasting” while catching up. Then we tried something new- an escape room. For those who are not aware of this new trend- you pick a theme based on difficulty and appeal, you register and then you are locked in a room with strangers and have to rely on each other to solve a mystery to get out. We managed to solve ours with 1 minutes to spare! (we also called several times for clues from the “lifeline” phone). It was a great experience and so much fun! We went back to Cindy’s house and played a fun card game until we were too tired to keep going. The next day we had a beautiful breakfast at Cindy’s house, a great manager meeting to discuss the goals of The French Kitchen and how we can improve. Then we played Top Golf in Scottsdale (which I won both games- hahaha!!). As we were leaving for the airport, Sebastien decided we had time for IN & OUT Burger on the way, so we stopped and got a quick burger. Much to our surprise, the rental car return was much further than we anticipated and our flight was in 1 hour. Stuck in airport traffic, we decide that it would be best if I take the rental car back while Blandine and Seb check in our bags and get in the security line. (AFTERALL, it was imperative they did not miss the flight as Seb had baking to do at 3 am and B had 2 soup classes the next day!). BUT we all made it to the gate just as they were boarding, THANK GOODNESS. We laughed it off as the weekend’s team building challenge #57. What a great weekend and a great way to celebrate The French Kitchen. Bottom line from the 3 of us: Even though we all have bad days, WE LOVE OUR JOBS AND OUR CLIENTS!!!!


Here are some pictures from the weekend: